Sunday, May 25, 2008

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Relatives marriage.

This is one of my projects in the university.This video shows two children having handicap case . Reason behind this hindrance is that their parents are first degree relatives.

Disasters relatives marriages

The village of Buxton ... the deterioration of living. (read and scroll down).

Buxton village, Idlib,became the focus of attention.that's because the phenomenon not alien to our society but is in the village of the most widespread's the Pirates combine marriage Early marriage and relatives ..

Although there is no specific statistics of disabled persons in this village but the sources indicate that there are about 120 disabled. this number reflects the true magnitude of the negative results of consanguineous marriages .

Misery for children and parents.

.. The eldest son of Ahmed's family cheered for her baby. But joy is not complete,after the parents learned that their child born with a nervous and muscular atrophy.his condition deteriorated gradually to become completely paralysed and so days.His mother says:" you wonder how Faced misfortune .. What if you know that misfortune has become a dual infection with the disease itself, the second child .. My children made the obstruction of seminars related to my life of misery and suffering.

Late marriage is danger also

Diana and Nadia are handicaps .. The mother becomes the eyes and branded pending their children with disabilities and suffers equally from adhering cohesion and tranquillity.
The lady in the fourth decade of life .she got married recently .This was not a happy marriage Fears of giving birth to disabled children. That is what happened ,she gave birth to two children suffering from mental disability and half-paralysed.

The question that comes to mind Are women happy in this village? Or sad?

The question was put only on women who aged between five and twenty-forty years... Many women of this village today employed outside the home and their livelihood pile.Is this really and voluntarily choose ?Or are the necessities imposed itself on the women of this village.? They work because they must work ,before marriage and after marriage, because of the large demands of life in the village of Buxton. Women required to work,and mind busy handicapped child are in permanent conflict between the requirements of life and productive role and their role as mothers. This conflict grows when child needs more than the normal requirement of a child .

Relatives early marriage,early pregnancy...are responsable of misery

In this village,all of the men and women over the age of fifty-one met degrees of illiteracy,what reflect all of relationships .They expressed the importance of marriage and kinship in their view points of the prevailing popular proverb, they (kills kills even threw the deadly).The importance of this proverb is to justify marriage and kinship procedure in the village of Buxton. The perception of one marriage is to preserve and maintain what is referred to homogeneity of this group of men and women .Those are responsable of the deterioration in the life and hereditary diseases ...
In this village ,proportion of boys is equal to the proportion of girls.Statistics show, girls are preparing early for the expected future roles as mothers...‏ The relatives of early marriage and early pregnancy are both a great danger.